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Patchback Program - The Patch Cambridge - Trade in your slightly used clean clothes and accessories for 33% cash or 50% credit

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PatchBack Program

The patchback-cashback program is...

An exciting service that is being offered at our Cambridge location. We want your clothes – the best pieces you own – and in return you can get CASH or an IN-STORE CREDIT!

**50 item limit per visit on items brought in**

*First $50 must be IN-STORE CREDIT at both Guelph and Cambridge locations*

Book an appointment with PatchBack Cambridge now!

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Tips On Selling

Trends | Brands | Seasons

  • Bring in your gently used clothing that clutters your closet and we will give you store cash/credit in return!
  • Discover and purchase name brands and unique designer clothing at a discounted price!
  • Put your mind at ease with purchases at the patch knowing that you are helping reduce material waste in landfills and in turn, being kinder to your bank account! Talk about a win-win!

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